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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It's hard to believe we're almost through April already. We've been upping our Instagram feature game and are also back for another blog feature again this month. Today we're featuring Anita and Ana from Beed Design. A company out of Toronto with some pretty fun home decor designs. We won't spill too much of the details and let you read this fun quick interview for yourself. If you'd like to be our next month's feature, be sure to apply - we'd love to have you too!

Ava + Anita from Beed Design

What is your name and company?
Anita + Ava - Beed Design
Where are you from?  
Toronto, ON

What do you make?
Home Decor

Where can we find you and start shopping?
Instagram: @beed.designers

Painted coaster from Beed Design

The business side of the interview...

Tell us more about your company - what's your business' story or something unique that we'd love to hear? Does your company contribute back? 

We are two friends who have passion for art who also use 100% Canadian Ingredients. 

How did you get started selling? What made you finally take the leap? 

We both loved art and we were at one of our places and we were bored as other friends were talking about boring stuff. I saw my colleague had some art stuff she made so we said we should start a business together and no one believed us. A few months later we were selling our stuff!

Home Decor Tray from Beed Design

You’ve just booked your biggest craft show yet, what’s the first thing you must do? What can’t you leave home without? What is your least favorite part? Any craft show pet peeves? Tell us the unexpected.  

We recently participated in HolidayFairTo event which was held at Nathan Philips square in Toronto for 15 days and we sold our home decor. The downside of it was that the event was outside in the cold weather and there were days with weather being -20 degrees so you can imagine... It was a good experience in general but the event was very expensive to get a booth at so we probably won’t be doing that again.
Are you a full time or part time maker? Either scenario, tell us what a day in business looks like for you? What’s your favorite part, what part would you rather hire out?

We both have full time jobs and work on our products at night. We do science in the day and art at night! 

How do you come up with new ideas? Are you a purchase the materials and go for it first, or come up with the idea first and go from there?
We get inspired by watching a lot of art videos and also spending a lot of time at Michaels and Desseres stores :D 

What does your dream storefront look like? Is it online or brick and mortar, do you work all week long, do you have employees, etc?
We always dream of opening our fancy little cafe that we serve cute little desserts and have all of our products on a corner of it to sell.

painted vase from Beed Design

Beed Design custom side table

Now the fun personal side...

What is your favourite colour?

We both love turquoise and hence our logo is this colour!

Where is your favorite place to travel?


What is your dream job?

Someone who owns a little cafe in Paris.

You can only adopt one, which would you choose, a dog or a cat? Why?

Obviously dog! Cats are selfish :D
Instagram: @beed.designers

Thank you so much to Ava and Anita for doing this fun little interview with us. Be sure to head over to their website and check out their shop. It's filled with a lot of fun items and gift ideas. We can't wait to share another with you again next month - stay tuned! 

HC ♡

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