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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

May is over halfway through, how is that even possible? Despite the craziness of 2020, the months seem to be flying by. We hope you've been having fun with our free prints, fun Instagram features and, of course, reading about the many makers of handmade items. Today, we're back with another fun maker feature. This month, we're welcoming Erin from To The Moon & Back Signs, we hope you enjoy reading all about her and her fun handmade signs.

Erin from To The Moon & Back Signs

What is your name and company?
Erin - To The Moon & Back Signs
Where are you from?  
Wetaskiwin, AB

What do you make?
Handmade Wood Signs

Where can we find you and start shopping?

The business side of the interview...

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. (sign)

Tell us more about your company - what's your business' story or something unique that we'd love to hear?

Hi, my name is Erin and I am the owner of To The Moon & Back signs. What started as a small hobby, has turned into a full time business. I am lucky enough to be in small boutiques across Alberta, as well as sell Internationally on Etsy. I make handmade wood signs for your home decor that inspire.

How did you get started selling? What made you finally take the leap?

The very first time I decided to sell my products, I applied to be in an outdoor market. I had recently been to Vancouver Island and they seemed to be so popular. I was surprised to find one in Alberta that I could apply to that was fairly close to home. So I made a lot of signs, applied and Got Accepted!! I was so excited. I didn't know where to start. I went on Pinterest, looked up what I should bring to a market and couldn't wait! I was so happy the market was relaxed, laid back and I was able to chat with a lot of vendors. New and seasoned! And it has been my favorite market to participate in since then! 5 years in a row! My excitement to see if my products would sell is what really made me take the leap! I wanted to see if my signs would sell, and if this was something that I should consider doing more often.

Are you a full time or part time maker? Either scenario, tell us what a day in business looks like for you?

I am a full time maker! I am lucky enough to be able to stay home and be with my two kiddos while working all day on my business. Each day is different, but the weeks all look the same! Monday-Tuesday I am cutting the boards, frames, and staining. Wednesday - Friday I am cutting stencils, painting all of the boards and painting the lettering on all of the signs. Saturday I frame all of the signs and they are complete! Sunday if I am lucky I take a break, or I am busy packaging all sold etsy signs or customs for Monday delivery!

Get Naked Handmade Sign

What’s your favorite part, what part would you rather hire out?

My favorite part is the creativity behind making and designing the stencils, painting the stencils and putting the finishes touches on them. I would love to hire out the staining and collecting all of the receipts and paperwork!

What does your dream storefront look like? Is it online or brick and mortar, do you work all week long, do you have employees, etc?

My dream storefront is a small shop. It is a small brick building that is painted white with black accents and a black awning. Two beautiful green fiddle leaf plants are on either side of the painted door. Inside, all of my signs are featured on beautifully painted walls. I would work all week long, and enjoy all of the customers.

I Am Unstoppable Sign

Now the fun personal side...

Would you rather spend your vacation at the beach or sight-seeing?

Definitely beach!

What’s your favorite part about home? Are you a homebody?

I love staying home! I am a definite homebody.

Must have for your home office?

Music is a must in my office!

If you could be on a reality tv show, which one would you choose? Why?

I would be on fixer upper!! (so Joanna and Chip could redo my entire house)

Growing up, what did you always want to be? Did it ever happen?

I wanted to be a journalist and write for magazines in New York! I did graduate from University with a Journalism and Communications Degree, worked in Communications for a while and then slowly began to create my business.

Cute Rainbow Sign

Another fun interview. Thank you Erin for taking the time to tell us all about To The Moon & Back Signs. We love how you just took a leap at making something and it turned into a full time business for you. So encouraging for others out there hoping to do the same. Your signs are beautiful and we loved reading all about your business and you. We hope your small shop dreams come true someday. For those of you reading, be sure to show Erin some love, visit her over on:

Shop on Etsy:

HC ♡

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