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Monday, September 28, 2020

Oh, it's been way too long. Our maker features haven't made an appearance in a few months, and we're kind of feeling guilty. We've got some pretty great makers and handmade businesses to share with you as we near the end of 2020, including this one - Katherine Tyndall Art. We won't keep you waiting any longer, read on to get inspiration and to find out more about Katherine and her very talented artwork.


Meet the Maker - Katherine Tyndall

What is your name and company?
Katherine - Katherine Tyndall Art
Where are you from?  
Oshawa, ON

What do you make?
Abstract fluid acrylic art paintings (unique, one of a kind, customs; fluid art jewellery; upcycled/repurposed and embellished dishes/trays/etc.

Where can we find you and start shopping?

Does your company contribute back to the environment?
Yes! A portion of sales is donated to charity. Also,Eco-friendly efforts are made to reuse and re-purpose supplies at any chance I get - like turning paintings that failed into bookmarks, or paint overflow into unique, wearable art jewellery.
Blue Resin Art from Katherine Tyndall

The business side of the interview...

Tell us more about your company - what's your business' story or something unique that we'd love to hear?

I’ve been painting for about two years after discovering fluid acrylics. I’ve always been crafty but this medium just pulled me in! I find the process very therapeutic, as you have to surrender a certain level of control over the exact outcome of a piece! It’s been a very valuable lesson in my life.
I’m also a full-time nurse educator and wife & mom, so art doesn’t always get priority and I do tend to take long hiatuses from posting when I just haven’t been producing - it ebbs and flows with what is happening in life. I’m also hoping to learn to work with alcohol inks!
Resin Pendants / Jewelry from Katherine Tyndall

Give us your best advice for others that want to start making and selling. Which did you wish you knew when you had started?
Best things to tell someone just starting out is that your value - or that of your work - is not dependent on what or how much you sell! Remember the creative spark in all of us that brought you to art in the first place - what do YOU get out of it?
You’ve just booked your biggest craft show yet, what’s the first thing you must do? What can’t you leave home without? What is your least favorite part? Any craft show pet peeves? Tell us the unexpected.
The last two shows I did, I performed live demos of fluid acrylic pour painting on site with my kids to help. I love running workshops, for both adults and kids! Missing that right now. 
There are hand makers around the world, we’re bound to meet up with someone that makes something similar. Tell us how you keep your product unique. Also, do you change things up season to season, year to year, etc? Any advice for others who are wanting to find their own style?
I am cautious about taking too many tutorials or courses at this point - I started out like that to get the basics, but now feel a little over saturated with some of the techniques being promoted. I just like experimenting - sometimes super bright and colourful, sometimes a calm monochromatic, sometimes something fluid and chill. I’m still learning the “art and science” behind fluid acrylic properties and dynamics!

Resin Art by Katherine Tyndall

Now the fun personal side...

What is your favorite colour? Why?
Anything in a 🦚 - rich jewel tones - amethyst, jade, emerald, peridot, gold, sapphire.
Are you a book or movie person? Recommendations for the one you chose?
I’ve been a book person all my life! I just spent money from a birthday gift on finding some classic sci-fi/fantasy books I read as a kid with very fond memories to re-read and hopefully share with my daughters!  
Growing up, what did you always want to be? Did it ever happen?
Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut or a paleontologist! I still have a thing for beautiful natural crystals and rocks (nothing metaphysical for me) - just an appreciation of their beauty but also the incredibly science behind their creation!
Resin Mermaid Tail from Katherine Tyndall

Another fun interview that we hope aspires you to follow your dreams too. We love that Katherine creates around her already busy full-time nursing / family lifestyle. It just shows that you can still accomplish what you want to, whether it be big or small. Take the time to start that little shop you've been dreaming of, it doesn't have to be huge to be successful. Thank you again Katherine for letting us take a small peek at the behind the scenes of your very creative business. Once again, if you want to see more stunning art or get in touch with Katherine, here's where you can reach her:

Shop: DM through Instagram

HC ♡

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