This is Halloween, Handmade of Course | A Round-Up of Makers

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

This is Halloween, this is Halloween... Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Anyone else have that song on replay in their heads these days? The fun and spooky holiday is fast approaching, with ideas that it may look a lot different for some this year, as trick or treating has been put on the Covid "NO" list. Either way, we've heard many fun ideas floating around social media on how to make the day just as fun and special, with or without the regular door to door treating. Which has us wondering,what does Halloween look like for you this year? Are you planning something different? We'd love to know in the comments below. 

But wait! Before you jump to the comments, we've rounded up some of the handmade Halloween items popping up around Instagram. It was a little tougher finding some makers who make for the occasion, but the ones we did find, definitely met the requirements, and more! Here's this round up of Canadian Handmade items for Halloween:


 Spooky Boo! Drinkware from designs by d.

designs by d.

Cartoon Hocus Pocus Mask from 3 Sister Scrunchies

3 Sister Scrunchies

Candy Corn Beanie form Alma Retro Crochet

Alma Retro Crochet


DIY Necklace Kit from Cords Designs

Cords Designs

Halloween Ghost Explorer Kit from Creating Explorations

Creating Explorations


Skull Hand Tank Top from Culture Graphics

Culture Graphics

Glass Skull Body Oils from Luxuria Studios

Luxuria Studios


Hypoallergenic Skull Earrings from Pretty Ears

Pretty Ears

Hocus Pocus Themed Cake from The Bizy Baker

The Bizy Baker

So many fun and spooky items to get you into the Halloween spirit and keep it alive this year, despite the many guidelines. We're just loving all of them. As always, pop by our Instagram @HandmadeCanada for other amazing makers and even more fun - a place to support the handmade companies big and small from across Canada.


HC ♡

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