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Saturday, November 07, 2020

When Ri from PrintFromMyInstax reached out about gifting us some of her amazing polaroids and postcards, of course we said YES! These are so perfect for everything - from everyday keepsakes to gifts, or business cards and marketing material. They are so fun and unique, we knew we had to share.


Hanging Polaroids 


Who doesn't remember how exciting Polaroids can be? They are small, with that fun vintage look - they seriously bring us right back to our childhood. When we received ours in the mail, the first thing my 6 year old said was "I want the dog one for my room". They are just so much fun for any age and a great way to capture your memories.


The other thing we thought would be fun for the Polaroids and postcards, is marketing. Have you thought about sending a thank you postcard? You could include a picture of your latest product, or you could say a quick personal message and a picture of you or your team. You could also just send a Polaroid... make a product lay with a little message and send it as the image (you can see one in the bottom left with scarves and the message "Thanks for Supporting Handmade"). There are really so many fun options. We even thought they would make super fun coupons or gift cards - attached to a postcard or not.

Tin of Polaroids

Then of course there are just taking all of your family photos, your recent trip to the beach or some fun photos from a walk around town. We know you'll smile when this nostalgic item shows up at your door step. Let's not forget the cute packaging that makes the order feel that more special.

Polaroids for Decor

And then there are the personal ways you could use the postcard. Birthday card for a loved one, Christmas cards for friends and family. Either way, its a fun way to offer that special memory that they can cherish for years to come. Who doesn't love that? It's a very fun alternative to your regular Christmas cards.

Potcards with Polaroids for Gifts

So much fun, with so many ideas. Pop over to their Instagram or stop by and shop their Etsy. Prints from My Instax was so generous to gift us our beautiful polaroids and postcards - we wouldn't have accepted unless we knew it would be something that you would love too. If you purchase, we'd love to know what you chose them for. If you have some other fun ideas, be sure to share them in the comments below. 

HC ♡

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