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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

We're back! If you haven't been following too closely on Instagram - there is a whole lot of fun happening over there. From the soft launch of an online store (accepting applications to consign), to releasing our ebook... we also have some pretty amazing giveaways coming in the future. But, today... we are trying to get back on track with our blog features, and we're excited to bring you Erica from Onsight Care. We're eying up some of her items to try, but also love all those places she's been exploring (seriously, check out their IG). Anyways, we'll let you read about it all for yourself. And, welcome back to the blog ;)


Erica from Onsight Care

What is your name and company?
Erica - Onsight Care
Where are you from?  
Sylvan Lake, AB

What do you make?
Salves, Shampoo & Conditioner Bars, Deodorant Bars, Tooth Powder. (Liquid free travel essentials)

Where can we find you and start shopping?
Instagram: @OnsightCare

All Natural Products from Onsight Care

The business side of the interview...

Tell us more about your company - what's your business' story or something unique that we'd love to hear?

All our products are made from natural ingredients and packaged in eco friendly containers. Everything is designed for liquid free travel solutions, making travel hassle free. Less packing equals more time for adventure!

There are hand makers around the world, we’re bound to meet up with someone that makes something similar. Tell us how you keep your product unique. Also, do you change things up season to season, year to year, etc? Any advice for others who are wanting to find their own style?

Our shop is designed for travellers and climbers. So even though our products are a lot like other zero waste handmade items, we can market towards a community group that we are already a part of. Find your community and start there! 

What does your dream storefront look like? Is it online or brick and mortar, do you work all week long, do you have employees, etc?

We would love to have a brick & mortar one day that is also a coffee shop! Our sister company Onsight Coffee is what truly started this venture, so combing the 2 in a climbing community would be the ideal! But who knows what the future holds, gotta go with the flow and currently online is key.


 Onsight Care All Natural Bath + Body Products

Now the fun personal side...

If you could only choose one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fav meal is spaghetti.

Would you rather spend your vacation at the beach or sight-seeing?

When you spend a lot of your life on an endless road trip it’s the best, easiest go to! Can I say rock climbing on the beach, like in Mallorca? That’s the dream vacation! 

Are you a book or movie person? Recommendations for the one you chose?

Bookworm for sure, fav book right now is Love Does by Bob Goff, pulls around the heart strings for sure! 

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Fav place is for sure New Zealand! So gorgeous, so much nature to explore, can’t wait to go back!

You can eliminate one world problem, which would you choose? Why?

Human Trafficking is definitely number one in wanting to see eradicated! We love being able to come alongside organizations like Radiant Hope in seeing a different future for people caught in unfortunate circumstances! Once you see how easy it is for someone to be stuck in such awful places you can’t help but want to make a difference! 

All Natural Products for Explorers

Okay, this business couldn't be any dreamier. Making such amazing natural ingredient products and focusing on exploring and traveling. Thank you Erica for giving us a little insight into your amazing business, we truly hope your brick and mortar comes to life someday. We loved hearing about your items but also your fave places to be. Be sure to show Erica and her amazing handmade items some love, you can visit her:

Instagram: @OnsightCare

HC ♡

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