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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Look at us, another feature so soon. We're on a roll. :) So, we started out writing this blog post with a big hey happy Wednesday... and then we realized it was Thursday. Which I guess is a good thing, we're that much closer to the weekend and we didn't even realize it. Before the weekend hits, we thought we'd put out another amazing maker for you to read about. Bookmark or save it for the weekend. You won't want to miss hearing about this amazing sentimental handmade business. Definitely a company that has helped turn special memories into keepsakes. We won't make you wait any longer...

Turn tees into quilts

Introducing Gemma from RE-Vive the TEE. She's offering up some fun details behind her very environmentally handmade business. Let's get this interview started...

 Gemma, Owner at RE-Vive the TEE 

What is your name and company?
Gemma - RE-Vive the TEE
Where are you from?  
Alberta, Canada

What do you make?
T-Shirt Quilts

Where can we find you and start shopping?
Instagram: @revive_the_tee

Does your company contribute back to the environment?
We upcycle textiles to save them from going to landfill.


TShirt Quilt from RE-Vive the TEE

The business side of the interview...

Tell us more about your company - what's your business' story or something unique that we'd love to hear?

RE-Vive the TEE is our take on preserving cherished special memories. Our speciality is creating beautiful hand crafted T-Shirt quilts made right here in CANADA. It is our hope that our customers can snuggle up with our creations with those that matter most while reminiscing on past times. It is our mission to breathe life back in to clothing that means the most. Just like a photo- a memory quilt can bring you back to a special time in a single moment. These quilts are meant to bring a little extra happiness into lives and a whole lot of meaning in to gifts for loved ones. At RE-Vive the TEE we strive to put a smile on our clients faces daily :)
Marketing is everywhere… what are your favorite places to be? What is the most successful?
My favourite places to market are both Instagram and Pinterest. As my product tends to be  very colourful, they make for good photos and using social media platforms that work mainly using visual posts, they work great! I also love to follow other handmade businesses and get inspirations from their posts on what to feature for my next blog post or topic of conversation for my feed. 
Are you a full time or part time maker? Either scenario, tell us what a day in business looks like for you? What’s your favorite part, what part would you rather hire out?
I am currently working full time on my business- although I also have a toddler at home so I do work around his naps/ bedtimes. So although it’s not like a normal 9-5, the hours I work each week is equivalent of that. I typically check all of my social media in the morning and create some new pins for Pinterest and content for Instagram and Facebook, and then I’ll check my emails and respond to any customer emails and questions. I then work on my blog posts/ researching and also try to listen to a podcast or two to try and improve on my marketing skills. In the evenings once my little one is asleep, it’s then my creative time- I have a home studio in the basement that I work from- I’ll put on some great music and sew away!
Are you a messy creative or an organized creative? What does your workspace really look like? Can you give us some of your storage tips?
I am a messy worker! Cutting and sewing is messy business with pieces of material and threads getting caught on my clothing and tends to be transported to other places in my house! I am organized in the way of customer orders. I have a large storage area at the back of my studio with multiple shelves and orders are placed in a number system of when they come in through the mail (when our customers mail us their clothing) we also have a separate area for storing all materials, threads and packaging etc.
 Heavy Metal TShirt Quilt

Now the fun personal side...
What is your favorite colour? Why?
Navy- not only is this a trend of 2020, but out of coincidence I had already painted all of my feature walls etc in this colour before Pantone announced it! I may be psychic?? Who knows but either way, I love it.
Would you rather spend your vacation at the beach or sight-seeing?
I like to spend time at the beach. I used to love sight seeing when I was younger, but now having a family of my own, I love nothing more than watching them play together in the sand- I’m not sure they would appreciate us taking them to sight-see as we all have different interests.
Salty or sweet? What is your favorite of the one you chose?
Sweet. Oh man do I have a sweet tooth- cinnamon rolls are my absolute favs!! I’ve perfected my recipe and cook them (too) often.
Where is your favorite place to travel?
Mexico- on the beach- we all LOVE it there as a family. Escaping and winding down from our hectic busy lifestyle.
Must have for your home office?
A husband or partner to bring you coffee on demand?? Kidding, I would say either a smartspeaker or your phone etc- as listening to educational podcasts while you work is an amazing way to absorb a whole bunch of information. I listen to everything from marketing tips to inspirational speakers.

Re-Vive the TEE handmade quilt

Thank you so much Gemma for giving us a little insight into your very thoughtful business and what a day working full-time as a maker can look like. Your quilts are the perfect piece to take anyone down memory lane. Such a sentimental gift as well. Oh, and environmentally friendly... So many amazing aspects to your business - we wish you nothing but success as you continue with your business. If you'd like to pop by and say hi to Gemma, or order a quilt of your own, here's where to reach out:

HC ♡


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