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Friday, February 18, 2022

I have been needing to get on and give everyone an update. It's been way too long... and this will likely be long winded. If you make it through - thank you so much. As a community, I'm hoping some of you will be able to chime in on some of the things I am about to say. 

Handmade Canada Update

First and foremost - where have I been? Well... crazy busy. It started in September, when I assumed the role of hockey manager for my sons hockey team. Something I thought would be much less time consuming, but still a learning experience I'm glad I signed up for. It was only as the chaos of getting everything set up for that started to settle, I was brought onto an association as office manager. I was filling the gaps for someone who had retired and they needed someone quick. Just in time for the holidays and the chaos that comes with that. But, I have to admit - I'm really enjoying it. It has a nice balance of everything I love. But, I continue to work fulltime along with that. And mom. And try and find a minute or two to be a wife.  And then maybe a second to myself. Okay... we are all there - in some capacity or another, just trying to get through the chaos. BUT, that is where I have been! 

And, even though I've been absent. I always see the Instagram pop ups of tags and messages - I just haven't had the heart to flip over to that tab and check it out. Because I knew I didn't have the time I wanted to devote to it. If you remember, I had pushed hard about a year ago to try and host a marketplace... and I needed to quit my job to make it happen. I wasn't ready for that commitment.. so that was hard to walk away from. I think I felt as if I failed the community and failed you. I wanted so badly to grow this into something that was profitable and would give me the freedom to be with my children more. Who doesn't, right? So, I took a time out after I closed it down and then stepped into career chaos. 

So where does that bring me now. I'm ready to try and figure out what this actually can be. I'm going back to scratch. Back when things were fun and booming and there weren't deadlines to worry about. You'll notice in the coming days that the "Shopify" version of the website will flip back to this "blog" website. I will start fresh with all of the feature applications - whether it's on the blog or Instagram. I will make a learning spot where you can still order eBooks that I have created or have plans for. And I will try and make my way back to free feature Fridays and giveaways. 

Like you and your small business - Handmade Canada needs to run on love. It needs to run on someone purchasing that eBook, paying a small fee for a feature, sending an item for a review and giveaway or even just showing up and sharing all the content we have and giving us some love. Handmade Canada is exactly like you - a person putting time and effort into something they are passionate about, hoping the world will respond with just as much love for their "product". It started to feel like that part of the HC was lost - that people thought it was a huge profitable company and were not willing to pour love into it, like they expect of their customers. I think that comes with growing and new followers, and them not knowing the whole story. I think we all feel it. But I just wanted to touch on it, as its a big part of this and what drives me to stick around. When people show the love and appreciate the free feature like I have handed them $100 dollars... it means the world. 

With that said, I know online is changing. Specifically, Instagram is changing. The algorithms. I mean, how many people are not the biggest fan of reels being the new thing that gets you seen. Well - I'm that person. With all the chaos and lack of time, reels are not at the top of my list. And I'm sure for most of you who are trying to keep up with making, it may not be on yours either. So, I'm not sure what I will do with that part of the social media world - maybe offer a chance for you to feature your reels, so all that effort you put in can go even further. 

If you've read this far - thank you! I sort of ranted and spilled my thoughts... but I feel it's an important part of finding a way to move forward. I have some things right now that I'm trying to break free from - and coming back here is one of the things that I thought might help. I know through the past two years, lots of people have had to find new paths and get over hurdles, as we've all tried to get through what's happening in the world. So, I hope you've had a chance to spill what's been on your mind. To just get it on paper and move on. A fresh start. I really do want to hear what you've been up to. I want to know if there's something you're looking for from Handmade Canada. I want to help build this community up again and make it what it needs to be for both you and me to grow. I really appreciate you listening to where I've been and just a tiny piece of what is happening - I'm sure we all have stories we could tell. So, please do. Leave me comments below and let me know!

HC ♡

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