Maker's School

Helping maker's get featured, isn't the only thing we want to do. We're also here to support you through the growth of your business, with the maker's school. Whether it's a workbook, guide, templates or organization tools - we plan to build this into a place to learn and grow too. We are just getting started with the many things we plan to offer - so be sure to check back often. Or, if you're struggling with something in particular, reach out to see what we can do. 

Get Sh*t Done - Social Media Posts Ebook & Workbook

You no longer have to sit and think up what to post next. We'll tell you exactly what, so your social media no longer sucks up all of your time. 

Get Sh*t Done - Get Featured on Instagram Now

Getting featured on Handmade Canada is easy. We will help you get your amazing products out there for everyone to see.